Frank Urbanic for OKC City Council Ward 8


Combat Veteran • Air Force Reservist

Criminal Defense & Civil Rights Attorney


I’m running to represent Ward 8 because our current representative, “Mandate” Mark Stonecipher, is useless. I can’t think of a single thing he’s done to positively affect our community, and I doubt he can either. He’s known as Mandate Mark because he authored the mask mandate ordinance we had to suffer through in 2020. Mandate Mark’s ordinance “deputized” business owners as members of law enforcement–tasking them with the enforcement of his ordinance. His ordinance was polarizing and caused friction in our community. We should focus on bringing our community together, rather than pushing polarizing policies.



  • Rename Lake Hefner. While once respected, the Hefner name is now associated with racism, hatred, and bigotry. It’s time for OKC to move on from the Hefners. This lake should be named after an important Oklahoman that we can all be proud of. Examples include Clara Luper, Jim Thorpe, Jimmy Lawson, and Russell Perry.
  • Fix our roads. Every time a two-lane road is improved, make it a four-lane road with a turn lane. Every time a four-lane asphalt road is improved, repave it with cement. Install a turn lane on May and Penn from the turnpike to 192nd Street. Create more right turn pockets at intersections to improve traffic flow.
  • Install smart traffic light systems. Put sensors at every intersection. Convert left only on green arrow lights to left turn yield lights.
  • Address homelessness. Copy the approach of cities that have been successful in reducing homelessness, such as Houston where they used a “housing first” approach.
  • Keep OKC open for business. Mandate Mark was the leading anti-business councilman over the last few years. I have a proven track record of fighting to keep businesses open and workers working.
  • Open the police station lobby. It’s been closed two years. That’s long enough. We paid for it. We should get to use it.
  • Get rid of the streetcars. We subsidize the streetcars over $5.6 million per year, and hardly anyone rides them. Let’s take that money and spend it on things people actually use–like our roads.
  • Comply with Oklahoma’s medical marijuana law. According to state law, a licensed medical marijuana user may not be punished for using medical marijuana. OKC is threatening to revoke the probation of individuals with medical marijuana licenses if they use marijuana.
  • Give City Council the ability to end an emergency declaration. Currently, only the mayor can terminate an emergency in declaration OKC. This is too much power for one person. The City Council should serve as a check on the mayor’s power.
  • Bradford pear tree bounty program. They stink and are generally not liked. I propose a program that offers a replacement tree for every Bradford pear tree chopped down.
  • Tear down the old police station. It’s an eyesore and will never be used again. Clear the land to make way for something useful.
  • Legalize fireworks on New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July. Stop wasting law enforcement resources on this.
  • Make OCPD the highest paid police force in the state. Let’s show our officers the respect they deserve.
  • More snow plows and snow/ice removal capability. Get more streets drivable faster after an ice storm.


Authorized and paid for by Frank Urbanic for OKC City Council Ward 8

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